What is Etiquette?  Etiquette is simply a set of skills that will change your life.

Today, the face of the family has changed.  Along with leisure life, many daily family occasions have disappeared.  Our lifestyle has become less formal and more casual.  Families have been separated by distance so that grandparents and other relatives may no longer live close enough to take up a share of a child’s upbringing.

Parents may teach manners at home, but they no longer have the time or the opportunities to “do it all.”  Fathers work long hours and travel more often.  Mothers seek employment outside the home to develop their own careers and to involve themselves in community affairs in addition to raising children.

It is often the exception when families sit down at the table for a leisurely meal with everyone present.  We have become a fast-food generation.  It is no wonder that young adults today are often embarrassed to discover a gap in their knowledge of dining and social skills.

It is for this reason that etiquette programs are necessary and it is in this environment that they thrive. Knowing that good manners are guidelines for a successful life, parents earnestly want their children to be acquainted with points of etiquette. They want them to be prepared for new situations with the poise and confidence that comes from “knowing how it’s done.”

-The American School of Protocol