Impressions, positive or negative, are made within the first seven seconds upon meeting someone. In today’s fast – paced world of business:

Do The People Who Represent Your Company Pass The Seven Second Test?
Are You Maximizing The Resources In Your Organization?
Are Your Professionals As Effective As They Could Be?

Poise and Power

According to three separate studies by Harvard University, the Carnegie Institute, and the Stanford Institute; success in getting, keeping, and advancing in a job depends 85 percent on soft or “people” skills and 15 percent on technical knowledge and skills.


Our business seminar, POISE AND POWER, focuses on dealing with the strategic planning of the skills that encompass those first seven seconds.

Mastering Business Etiquette

Gives employees the knowledge to act with confidence in every business situation, the kind of confidence that leads to greater personal success and increased corporate profitability. We address correct office protocol in today’s fast – changing times including greeting and introductions, phone skills, correspondence, business gift – giving and receiving, and male/female business interaction.


Provides a variety of verbal and non – verbal factors that communicate volumes about you, such as eye contact, handshake, posture, introductions, voice, diction, and phone skills. This module focuses on what is expected and accepted in general business etiquette.

Communication Skills

Focuses on the sound of your voice and how it must be user – friendly. With a tape recorder and role – play, we will discuss cell phone and office etiquette, leaving messages, placing a caller on hold, office interruptions, call waiting, eating/chewing while talking on the phone, email, and much more. Our training targets speaking with authority through grammar, diction, and clarity.

Effective Networking

Assist you in getting information you want from individuals, pulling away from non – productive situations, and improving your conversational techniques. Remembering a person’s name is a “learned skill.” Our training provides valuable hints to help you with this skill. The course teaches you how to make every reception and every encounter a productive networking experience.

Dining Skills

Gives you the confidence to enjoy any business occasion whether it is a sit down meal, a reception, or a special invitation to the boss’ house. After this seminar, you can concentrate on business rather than worrying about your dining etiquette and searching for someone to follow. Topics discussed are: seating, utensils, the menu (including unusual food), selecting wines, and smoking.

Winning Over Lunch

Reviews the factors that make a successful “power lunch.” Skills at the dining table reinforce your skills at the conference table. This course covers selecting a restaurant, seating arrangement, ordering, paying, and tipping. The seminar includes certain issues of political correctness we must all be sensitive to in today’s society.

Corporate Dress

Covers selecting clothes that are right for your job and the position you hope to have in the future with the company. Also, guidelines on buying smarter and building your professional wardrobe are discussed. You will learn techniques on how to purchase clothes that make you look your best.

Handling Angry Customers

In a recent national survey, 62 % of the people polled stated that having to select from a lengthy menu before speaking to a “real person” caused them frustration, stress, and anger. Solutions to defuse anger in the workplace are presented in this module. Included are positive Customer Service tips, the tone and sound of the voice, and addressing the problem without ever saying “we can’t – we don’t – we won’t.”

Podium Readiness

Gives you a formula for preparing and delivering presentations in front of a group. The sound of your voice, face, & attire all play a role in getting others to pay attention to you and your message. This is an invaluable class for those who speak often to an audience.