Etiquette allows us to face whatever the future may bring with confidence and integrity.  The Southern Academy of Etiquette offers several different workshops for children and adults that focus on human decency and being prepared in today’s complex and changing world.

Workshops will last between one to three hours and cost $35.00 – $70.00 per person. The maximum number of students is 20 for each workshop and they are for girls and boys.  Please refer to the Register page to enroll in upcoming workshops.

Each workshop will give students insight on the importance of courtesy and civility for every day. They also prep students to deal with social situations with poise and confidence.

Workshop Topics:

  • Making a Good Impression
  • Why Etiquette?
  • Common Courtesies
  • Personal Image
  • Dining
  • Dating
  • Telephone/Personal Communication Devices
  • Computers and Communication