Business Lunch

True or False? If you are lunching with two clients, position yourself between them. Explanation False. Never! When you are positioned between two people they can easily make facial gestures and body-language motions that don't allow you to maintain a power position. #southernacademyofetiquette #makethebestfirstimpression #business #dining #corporate #maintainyourpower #etiquette #eyecontact #closethedeal #dallas #frisco #plano #dfw

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Business and Humor

True or False? People want to do business with those who take their business seriously but who take themselves less seriously.    True! Humor is a powerful business tool. It creates bonds, relieves stress, lowers blood pressure and lets everyone know how human you are. To be quick on your feet, down to earth enough [...]

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Keep Your Hands to Yourself. 

Business Etiquette Tip: Touching others in a friendly manner on the arm or shoulder indicates your desire to show genuine warmth and friendship.False!   ALWAYS keep your hands to yourself. Don't be a "toucher" no matter how friendly and innocent your gesture might be. So many people are offended if you break into their personal [...]

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Men’s Shoes

Professional Dress for Men: What shoes should I purchase for executive business casual?      Your shoes give out so much information about you. With an expensive sport coat, suit or business casual, don't buy cheap shoes. A good rule of thumb is dress shoes tie and casual shoes usually slip-on.

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