Interview with WVLT Knoxville-Post Pandemic Etiquette

As the world prepares to become social again, Avery had an opportunity to share some etiquette tips with WVLT Knoxville. If you're not comfortable interacting with large groups or attending public events, it's okay, take your time. Your safety comes first. Gradually ease yourself back into public.

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Can I Have a Cocktail?

True or False Many people prefer to discuss business while having a cocktail before lunch. False! Alcohol can slow one’s productivity, as well as create a feeling that an afternoon nap is needed to help one get through the day. Some companies frown on employees having an alcoholic beverage at lunch.

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Business and Humor

True or False? People want to do business with those who take their business seriously but who take themselves less seriously.    True! Humor is a powerful business tool. It creates bonds, relieves stress, lowers blood pressure and lets everyone know how human you are. To be quick on your feet, down to earth enough [...]

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Thank – You Notes

How much time do I have to send a thank-you note? Try to mail your thank-you note within three days or at least the first week of having received the gift or participating in an event where a thank you note is necessary. If you have a very large wedding, then your time frame for [...]

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Business Lunch Conversation

It is perfectly acceptable to discuss your diet or food restrictions at a business lunch. False. The focus of client entertaining is to get to know as much about the individual as possible. Discussing your diet or food restrictions is boring to someone else. Your time together can be better spent by finding out business [...]

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