The University of Arkansas Dining Etiquette Workshop

We had the pleasure of working with some awesome students at the University of Arkansas. The workshop took place at Itta Bena in downtown Memphis. Students learned the essential skills of dining in business and social settings. This was simply a great experience! These students will be ready to meet with any CEO and business [...]

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Can I Have a Cocktail?

True or False Many people prefer to discuss business while having a cocktail before lunch. False! Alcohol can slow one’s productivity, as well as create a feeling that an afternoon nap is needed to help one get through the day. Some companies frown on employees having an alcoholic beverage at lunch.

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Business and Humor

True or False? People want to do business with those who take their business seriously but who take themselves less seriously.    True! Humor is a powerful business tool. It creates bonds, relieves stress, lowers blood pressure and lets everyone know how human you are. To be quick on your feet, down to earth enough [...]

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Keep Your Hands to Yourself. 

Business Etiquette Tip: Touching others in a friendly manner on the arm or shoulder indicates your desire to show genuine warmth and friendship.False!   ALWAYS keep your hands to yourself. Don't be a "toucher" no matter how friendly and innocent your gesture might be. So many people are offended if you break into their personal [...]

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Holiday Party Etiquette Tips

Tis the season for holiday parties! Whether you are a host or receive an invitation, knowing how to conduct yourself will make the gathering merrier. Here are a few tips that will help you sparkle!         Be a Fabulous Guest • When you receive an invitation, reply as soon as possible. This [...]

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