Adult Training

Podium Readiness
– Polish your communication and presentation skills for professional and social events.

Professional Dress/Self Presentation
– Present a powerful image and attract positive attention. Learn how to enhance your wardrobe with essential pieces and transition from professional to cocktail hour.

– Learn how to work the room at business and social functions and business card etiquette.

Dining Etiquette
– Enhance your dining confidence by learning the dining essentials for professional and social events.

Child Training (Ages 12-18)

Posture/Sitting/Walking & Putting Clothes Together
– Enhance confidence and personal appearance. Learn how to choose appropriate attire for every occasion.

Making New Friends/Common Courtesies
– Learn tips on how to build positive relationships, maintain a positive image, and pleasant attitude.

Conflict Resolution
– Learn how to maintain your poise when presented with challenging and stressful situations at home and school.

Dining Etiquette
– Dining essentials and proper table conversation.

One Minute Speech
– Enhance presentation and communication skills. Eliminate the fear of presenting in front of your peers.

– Learn tips on how to maintain healthy skin, hair, and diet.

Hygiene/Personal Care
– Learn ways to maintain your inner peace and hygiene.

Conversation Tips
– Enhance your social conversation skills and “work” the room.